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Physician-Scientist Finds Purpose in a Life Devoted to Pain

Dr. Mohab Ibrahim always knew he wanted to be a doctor; his lived experience and mentors helped him find his calling as a pain specialist and researcher.

The Future of Farming Takes Root

Sustainable agriculture is quickly becoming the wave of the future as global leaders grapple with the question of how to feed a world population approaching 10 billion. At the UA, researchers are looking up for answers, in the form of vertical farming.

Finding Better Paths to Treat Pain and Prevent Addiction

Throughout his career spent studying opioids, Todd Vanderah, PhD, has been determined to find a way to manage pain without increasing the risk of addiction.

Health Sciences Research Team Creates New Way to Fight Autoimmune Diseases

UArizona Health Sciences researchers have created a five-module chimeric antigen receptor T cell that is showing early potential to fight Type 1 diabetes.

Scientist Strives to Make Research Accessible to Undergrads

Dr. Sam Campos understands that making mistakes is part of learning, especially when it comes to introducing students to lab research for the first time.

Finding Solutions Where Science and Policy Meet

Udall Center for Studies on Public Policy Director Christopher Scott believes in the benefits of using science to inform policy and bringing policy into scientific research.

Setback Leads to Success for Blood-Brain Barrier Researcher

A unique expertise has led to a diverse research portfolio for Patrick Ronaldson, PhD, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Antibodies Shown to Provide Long-term Immunity Against

Using a highly accurate test they developed, University of Arizona Health Sciences researchers have shown that antibodies persist for months after infection.

Pandemic Provides New Target for Pain Relief Research

An unexpected finding gives researchers in the UArizona Health Sciences Comprehensive Pain and Addiction Center a novel target for non-opioid pain therapeutics.

Shining a Green Light on a New Preventive Therapy for Migraine

People who suffer from migraine are reducing their pain and improving their quality of life thanks to pain specialists at the University of Arizona Health Sciences and their green light research.

UArizona Health Sciences Researchers Identify New Target for Developing Flavivirus Vaccines

Antibodies normally fight viruses, but in the case of flaviviruses, they can make infections worse. UArizona Health Sciences immunologists figured out why.

Faculty Mentor Uses Life Experience to Boost Student Success

Known as a champion of students, Dr. John Streicher fosters success through his roles as an assistant professor, researcher and graduate program director.

UA Architect Searches for Building Blocks to Fight Wildfires

As legislators and ecologists grapple with solutions to wildfire prevention, help is coming from a unique source: the building industry. Aletheia Ida believes sustainable building practices can play an integral role in the future of prevention.

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